Jun 2010 - Your Garden - Winter 2010

MIFGS Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

With Melbourne still suffering from drouth and water shortage, it seemed natural that the attention of designers and garden professionals at MIFGS was directed at landscapes that maximised potential by using less water. Most of the designed gardens focused on "living in a garden", with outdoor kitchens, decks and minimalist water features to highlight our enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

4. The Wave

Article text:
Designed by Paal Grant, this garden was inspired by the coastline - from the cresting of its waves to the curving indentations of the bays and the ripples in tidal sands. The organic wave shape is repeated in the sinuousness of the planting lines and paving, and in the art created to his design by Helen and Ian Neyland of Entanglements. The theme was underscored by a planting of maritime and coastal species used in a contemporary way. Paal describes his garden as a "functional sculpture", with pergolas, cor-ten steel walls and paving within the overall wave shape. The individual elements work together to create a living artwork where the plants are the stars and the hard elements carry a theme. Unlike most of the show gardens, Paal's design eschewed straight lines and minimalist planting in favour of rounded shapes, gentle curves and a rich plant tapestry that included Euphorbia 'Blackbird' and 'Silver Swan, Lomandra 'Blue Ridge', statice (Limonium perezii) and Adenanthos 'Silver Streak'.
Winner: Gold Show Garden and the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society (Victoria) Comeadow Award
Paal Grant Designs in Landscaping, 0407 318 912; www.paalgrant.com. Entanglements, (03) 9576 9600; www.entanglements.com.au