The Wave

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

'The Wave' by Paal Grant sources inspiration from the Australian coastline: the crests of its waves, the curves of its bays and the ripples in its low tide sands. The organic shapes and harmonious composition aim to contrast with the harsh right angled architecture that predominates our living spaces.

The pergola provides a bridge between the interior and exterior of the house. The roof of this structure literally breathes as its construction is cut out and the silhouettes of native trees allow the sun to come through and cast its shadows on the wall and deck.

The curved decking hugs the 'conversation pit': a floor of rippled paving with a fire pit designed to be surrounded by friends. The platform of the decking spills down into the garden, via an elevated stone aggregate path, flanked by the curvilinear lines that demarcate different garden beds.

The designer approaches this design as if he were painting or creating a sculpture. Balance is the key and is achieved by the utilisation of different textures, colours and shapes that are repeated throughout the garden. A dab of paint is the foliage of a rosemary bush, the stroke of a brush becomes the curve of a garden bed, a sculpture becomes a pergola and the garden becomes a place where a work or art can be lived in.