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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes. Many of us have felt these little discomforts or pinches on the shoulder when we went up to the bar to make coughs to bar or pull ups.

But to what extent is this feeling something that we should pay attention to or are simply the adaptations that we are creating?

The shoulder function is a relationship between mobility and self-sufficientness.

The great mobility of this joint is based on the structure of the glenohumeral articulation and the simultaneous movement of all segments of the escapular waist. This requires very precise muscle coordination.

Given the mobility of the joint, stability is mainly based on active muscle control, with a lower role of the glenohumeral capsule, the labrum and ligaments.

The mobility of the joint of the shoulder is the result of the movement both in the glenohumeral joint and in the plane of escapulotoric displacement.

In studies such as Summitt et al., (2016), they perform a review of the injured incidence in the shoulder joint in the CrossFit.

↓ Support this content ↓ Support this content ↓The conclusion that researchers draw is that the data obtained show that the injured rates are comparable or even lower than the rates of injurious incidence in other forms of exercise both recreational and competitive.

How do we work this joint? To gain mobility Tahran & Yeşilyaprak, (2020) show us in their study that an exercise program generates more benefits than a stretching program.

We therefore propose to you some exercises for shoulder mobility.

These exercises are general proposals. If you suffer from a shoulder problem, go to a health care professional to assess your situation and be able to perform a good exercise prescription based on your needs.

1. Snow Angels on foam roller

We lie down to the top of the foam roller (parallel to the spine), make maximum bending of superior member and make the movement.

2. Pectoral side by side

With the knees resting on the ground, we opened our arms and moved our trunk from one side to the next.

3. Extension from Front Rack

Using a drawer and a bench, we place our elbows on this and with the help of a sting or PVC we make chest extensions.

4. External Rotation with PVC

With the help of a bit, we place it under the shoulder and the help of the other arm we make the rotation movement.

Starting from the ground lying upside-down, we rise up making a complete bend with the mancuerna and we rise up keeping this position throughout the movement.


Summitt, R. J., Cotton, R. A., Kays, A. C., & Slaven, E. J. (2016). Shoulder Injuries in Individuals Who Participate in CrossFit Training. Sports Health, 8(6), 541-546. /10.1177/ Tahran, Ö., & Yeşilyaprak, S. S. (2020).

Exercises To Improve Shoulder Mobility

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