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Looking for extra outdoor entertaining space, our clients set their sights high…. to their garage roof!

As a narrow property, our Albert Park rooftop project was designed to optimise the available space, whilst creating a sense of escapism and refuge from life’s hectic pace.

Level changes and curves were utilised, to not only create interest, but distract the eye from the site’s narrow width. Arriving atop the rooftop garden, you enter the conversation pit, framed by a circular corten custom seating area, which also forms the top level of decking. Rounded planters, abundantly filled with edible plants and succulents, morph into seating, softened with custom cushions; an invitation to stay and linger a little while.

Testament that you can have your cake and eat it too; city living with a killer outdoor green space. This innovative urban retreat was proclaimed a triumph in engineering & design.

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