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we heart melbourne



Balcony Garden exhibited in the 2015 Gardening World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan

Our balcony garden reflected the proposed theme ‘My Country, My Home’. Aptly titled We Heart Melbourne; a nod to the City of Melbourne’s pride and appreciation of local creatives. Capturing this heartfelt affection within a balcony setting, we showcased the work of three Melbourne artists and designers.

To make the most of the limited space, we maximised the area with custom seating, level changes, and recycled hardwood timber walls and floors to create scope and interest. This balcony garden was designed to provide a refreshing snapshot of the Australian urban lifestyle.

Angus & Celeste provided sculptural beauty with their transcending hanging planters, hovering above Willie Weston’s Pandanus chair, stool, and custom-made cushions.  Encapsulating the diversity of our Australian culture, the digitally printed textiles feature the work of Indigenous artist Osmond Kantilla from the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin.

Hanging in pride of place is the work of prominent subaqueous abstract expressionist and contemporary artist Katie McKinnon. ‘Moonlighter & Coral’ is printed on aluminium and framed in Australian oak to provide an innovative, functional outdoor artwork. 

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